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If you're looking for a salon that provides peace and balance in and outside of the salon, with a schedule that fits your life, work that provides creative outlet, and ideal clients who feel like friends - while building the wealthy lifestyle of your dreams, you're in the right place!

Welcome Home.


What makes us special?

Kalo was born from the idea of integrating modern day beauty services with the holistic approach of Eastern wellness, in a safe space where you may come as you are. As our name states, we truly do believe beauty is more than skin-deep, and our approach goes beyond traditional salon treatments, as we integrate holistic beauty and wellness into all of our services.

We are proud to provide a beautiful, intimate space with upgraded amenities and luxurious touches at every turn.

Our artists are true professionals, and view beauty not as something to be obtained, but as a way of life. We value our clients, are supportive of our salon and salon family and hold ourselves and each other accountable to upholding our salon’s culture.

Sound like your vibe? Download our Career Guide below to learn more! 

Kalo Career Guide
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