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Our signature hand-tied beaded weft extensions are the most comfortable, seamless, natural looking and least damaging method available. Experience custom luxury extensions, the perfect enhancement to our individually tailored color services.

Blonde and brunette extensions

Why Choose Hand Tied Extensions?

  • Invisible, even when exposed

  • No glue, no tape, no stickiness

  • Thinnest wefts available, that lay flat to your head

  • Custom colored for a seamless blend

  • Maintenance is minimal, every 6-8 weeks 

  • Can be worn up or down in any style you choose

  • Great option for all hair types

  • Can add volume, length, or both

  • Comfortable and lightweight

  • Hair is maintained in natural fall position, which means minimal tension on your hair. Less tension = no breakage, damage or pain

  • Your hair can and will grow with proper care!


Pricing, Booking, & Policies

Initial Investment


VOLUME - $650*

A single row (3-5 wefts) to add density for a more voluminous look and feel

LENGTH + VOLUME - $1175*

Two rows (6-9 wefts) placed to add both length and volume, achieving hair that mermaid deams are made of 


Three rows (9-12 wefts) adding maximum amount of length and volume


*Above prices reflect starting costs and are subject to change based on each client's desired results. Extension hair will be custom colored, rooted, and toned for a seamless blend with your natural hair



|Move-ups are every 6-8 Weeks + Color not included|

1 ROW | $150

2 ROWS | $275

3 ROWS | $375

Please arrive with clean, dry hair for maintenance appointments. A shampoo + blowout may be added at a la carte pricing

Booking + Policies

New extension clients must fill out the form above. This provides important insight regarding your expectations + goals, allowing us to ensure that extensions would be a great fit for you. After reviewing your form, we will reach out to you personally to book your consultation, if you haven't already done so in our online booking platform.

All new extension clients must have an in-salon consultation appointment prior to booking an installation appointment. At this time, we will discuss your hair and extension history, explain extension care and maintenance, and establish the plan to get you to your hair goals. At the conclusion of your consultation, we will book your installation appointment.

A non-refundable retainer of $650 will be due at time of booking. This amount will be applied to your installation appopintment, and remaining balance will be due on the day of installation. 

If your installation appointment must be cancelled under 24 hours of your appointment, a $100 rebooking fee will apply. 

Hair extension tools

Home Care


  • Recommended Brushes - Wet brush for detangling + Boar Hair Bristle brushes to distribute natural oils and for daily brushing

  • Brush your hair 2-3 times daily to stimulate your scalp, reduce shedding and to help avoid matting

  • Do not brush hard directly at the root, you don’t want to snag your rows and cause any damage. Be gentle in this area


  • Keep your extensions moisturized daily with treatment oil and always use heat protectant

  • Always use the lowest heat setting possible

  • Use only those styling aides recommended or appoved by your artist


  • Wear hair in a low ponytail or braid while you are sleeping. If hair is left loose you may roll over on it in your sleep and cause damage to your natural hair in the row.

  • If you are in between washes, spray dry shampoo at the roots all over to absorb excess oils while you sleep

  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase

  • Never sleep on wet extensions


  • Always use recommended products. You've invested a lot of $$ in your new hair. Please don’t use drug store products on them

  • Always use a weekly mask + treatment

  • Thoroughly cleanse between your rows, and rinse completely

  • Wash as little as possible, we suggest every 4-5 days


  • I do not recommend swimming in a pool, ocean or lake with your extensions. The natural elements in the waters can cause damage to the hair

  • Simply place your hair in a cute ponytail or in a bun to keep it safe from the water

  • Never allow your extension hair to come into contact with sunscreen

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