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I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to Kalo. We hope you are as excited about your upcoming visit as we are!
Please take a moment to go over this welcome package, as it covers everything you need to know prior to your first appointment.

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You will receive a text/email reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment, with an option to confirm or reschedule.

It is important that you confirm your appointment, as all appointments left non-confirmed will automatically be cancelled 12 hours prior to your appointment time and opened up to those on a waitlist.


You will also receive a reminder text 2 hours prior to your appointment.

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Consultation is key, and ours begins the moment you fill out the required "New Client" form on our website. There you can upload photos of your hair, and inspiration photos so we can budget the right time for your service.

On the day of your appointment, we will conduct a thorough consultation that will help you feel confident and excited from start to finish. We will talk about your past hair experiences, what you are currently loving (or not) about your current hair, and create a full transparency plan for not only your first visit, but also those to follow.

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You do not need to have freshly washed hair, but we do ask that you arrive with your hair clean, fully dry, and detangled. Minimal styling products are okay.

As always, the health and integrity of your hair is our top priority, so depending on your color goals, we may recommend/require your goals be delivered over a series of appointments. 

We will also always recommend and explain the benefits of a trim and/or treatment with each color or lightening service.

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If you will be receiving a facial service, you may choose to arrive with or without makeup. Whenever possible, without is always better, but we totally understand that you're living your life before your appointment. Use your own discretion.

If you are receiving a lash or brow service, we do ask that you come without eye makeup.

If you are receiving a waxing service, we ask that you stop the use of all retinols for one week leading up to your appointment.

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We want you to look and feel your best not only on the days you visit, but also the days between! With access to the right products and knowledge, you can maintain your beautiful results until you see us again!
We will recommend the products most beneficial to your needs, and keep record for future reference, in the event something is not within your beauty budget during the day of your visit.

We love our product lines, and wholeheartedly believe that what you use on a consistent basis will determine the trajectory toward your beauty goals.

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Visit - $50 in Retail

Social Media Tag/Check-In/Review

Google Review

Client Referral

25 POINTS = $25

Our rewards program was designed to give back you, to our amazing clients - for trusting us with your beauty needs, and for supporting our business. Every Kálo Client is eligible to receive rewards beginning on the day of your first service!


At each visit, you will earn points that will be redeemable toward services on future visits. There is nothing to "sign up" for, and your points will be automatically tracked and applied to each visit. We will go over your current point balance at each visit, and your balance will also be available at any time via your smartphone.


Points are redeemed for dollars off salon + spa services, in increments of 25. You will have the choice to redeem points right away, or you can save them for a rainy day!

Kalo Rewards!.png

In effort to achieve the best results possible, and stay on track with your beauty goals, we recommend the following time-frames for re-booking these services

Kalo Rewards! (1).png


3-5 weeks


4-6 weeks


4-6 weeks


8-10 weeks


8-12 weeks


16 weeks


12-16 weeks

Kalo Rewards! (2).png


Twice weekly for 6 weeks


Weekly for 6 weeks


3-4 weeks


2-4 weeks


4 weeks


6-8 weeks


6-8 weeks

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If you loved your services with us, the greatest compliment you could give is sending us your friends and family! 
Simply screenshot the image below, fill in your name, then send to as many friends as you'd like. Each person who presents this image will receive $20 off their first visit, and you will earn referral points. Win-Win!

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To best accommodate the needs of your schedule and the upkeep of the maintenance of your services, we recommend that our clients book their upcoming appointments in advance, as we do not take "walk-ins", and securing a day-of appointment is a rare occurance.

In consideration of our salon clients and stylists, we respectfully ask that a minimum of 24 hours notice is given for any appointment changes or cancellations. You will receive a confirmation text/email 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. You MUST click to confirm, as all appointments left non-confirmed will automatically be canceled 12 hours prior to your appointment time and opened up to those on a waitlist.  

In accordance to our cancellation policy, we may charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the reserved service for cancellations within 24 hours of appointment time, and 100% for no-shows.

If you are ill, we ask that you reschedule once you are symptom and fever-free. We reserve the right to reschedule or refuse service to guests with apparent cold/flu symptoms, as well as guests who have had recent head or neck injury, open lesions and abrasions of areas being serviced, or any condition that may compromise the safety of the guest or artist.



Pricing for our salon services are based on the experience and education of the individual stylist, along with the demands for their time. 

Service prices may vary by specialist and start at the prices listed. If you are seeking a specific pricing point, we are more than happy to provide options for you within the services of our stylists.

Service pricing may increase based on additional time or product required to accommodate very thick or long hair.

All prices are subject to change and do not include gratuity. 


In the event of dissatisfaction, we are happy to correct the service, provided it is within five (5) business days of the original service and scheduled with the same stylist who provided the service.
In the event that the original stylist is unavailable, the service correction may be scheduled with another member of our team. 



We welcome children with a scheduled appointment.


All children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult who is not receiving a service.

Our stations house various hot tools at temperatures over 400 degrees F. as well as a plethora of sharp objects, such as scissors and razor blades, and chemicals that could be potentially dangerous to unsuspecting children. Kálo and it's employees are not liable for injuries of unsupervised children.




Unopened or defective products may be refunded or exchanged within 14 days of sale. 

Salon merchandise may be returned for exchange or salon credit. Hair brushes may not be returned due to health and sanitation code.

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